Rollingwoods Bells and Whistles


(Gayfields Louisiana Man X Rollingwoods Elle’s Bells x *Sleight Of Hand LOM/AOE/OD)

2016 Section B gelding. This is a full sibling to Rollingwoods Bell of the Ball that won on the line at some of the best shows on the East Coast.  Pretty, flashy and a “10” mover, we would recommend this gelding to anyone.  Should mature medium.  Priced $7,500.

Rollingwoods Bottoms Up

(Rollingwoods Easy as L LOM/AOH X Rollingwoods Stick Em Up LOM x Cardiff Lotus)

2015 Section B Grey Gelding.  This pony should join some of his very successful siblings as a performance animal. Currently standing 13′ 1 7/8″.     He is jumping 2′ foot courses consistently.  Brave and honest with a puppy dog personality.  $20,000

Rollingwoods Hands Down

(Gayfields The Heir Apparent LOM X Rollingwoods Sticky Fingers LOM x *Sleight Of Hand LOM/AOE/OD)

2017 Section B bay roan gelding.  We tried for years to get this top performance mare to have a foal and we can well say that this colt was worth the wait. Lots of bone, lots of chrome and should mature medium.  Priced $5,000.

Rollingwoods Let’s Make a Deal


(Rollingwoods Cookie Thief LOM/AOE/OD X Ozark Let’s Rock LOM/AOE x Severn Sirocco LOM)

2016 Section B palomino gelding.  Driving people take notice.  This gelding is out of two multi-national driving champions.  Of course hunter would be an option. Regardless, this pony is bred to perform. Should mature small. Priced $5,000.

Rollingwoods Money Talks


(Rollingwoods Easy as L LOM/AOH X Mississippi Trailer Trash)

2014 Half Welsh Gelding. 14′ 3 1/2″  This pony is jumping 2’6″ courses with an auto lead change.  He can take a joke but is fancy enough to win in any company.   He will be available late November 2019.  Call for price.

Rollingwoods Not Today


(Gayfields The Heir Apparent LOM X Rollingwoods Top Notch x *Sleight Of Hand LOM/AOE/OD)

2017 Section B chestnut colt. This is a big pretty colt with impeccable bloodlines. His mother is a Sleight of Hand/ Pendock Masterpiece cross that has produced many of our most successful ponies. His father is a big bodied Section B stallion that turns heads whenever he is shown. This pony is bred to perform and should excel at any discipline.  Priced $5,000.

Rollingwoods Party Animal

(Rollingwoods Cookie Thief LOM/AOE/OD X Rollingwoods L of a Party x *Sleight Of Hand LOM/AOE/OD)

2015 Section B palomino gelding. This gelding should mature small and he should make a fabulous performance animal.  We have crossed an unsurpassed *Sleight of Hand daughter to our herd stallion, Rollingwoods Cookie Thief.  If you are looking for a good driving pony or hunter pony here is your answer.

Update:  Rollingwoods Party Animal is in training and doing great.  He has a unflappable attitude and seems to love his job.  Started over small fences or if you would rather he definitely has the mind to drive.   Priced $6,000.

Rollingwoods Show of Hands

(Gayfields the Heir Apparent LOM X Rollingwoods Sticky Fingers, LOM x *Sleight of Hand LOM/AOE/OD)

2018 Section B filly.  It is with great delight that we got this filly from Rollingwoods Sticky Fingers.  “Sticky Fingers” was a top winning mare in both welsh and open hunter and was a babysitter for many years.  This filly should excel at any discipline and should mature medium.  Get her soon as we are debating keeping her.  $7,500

Rollingwoods Talking In Rhymes


(Smoke Tree Poetry In Motion X Mississippi Trailer Trash)

2017 Half Welsh palomino paint filly.  We have had some phenomenal foals from this mare but this one is too cute to pass by. This is a flashy palomino paint filly who should mature large. She has a flat kneed canter just like her siblings and is very free in the shoulder. Priced $7,500.

Rollingwoods This Kiss

(Rollingwoods Cookie Thief LOM/AOE/OD X Rollingwoods Top This, LOM x *Sleight of Hand LOM/AOE/OD)

2018 Section B filly.  We are very excited about this first filly out of Rollingwoods Top This.  “Topper” was a supreme champion halter mare and performance mare winning numerous championships in the open hunter world.  The sire, Rollingwoods Cookie Thief, was a supreme champion halter stallion and numerous HOTY awards in driving.  This combination shows great promise and should mature medium.   $7,500

Rollingwoods Top Brass


(Gayfields the Heir Apparent LOM X Rollingwoods Unrivaled LOM x *Pendock Masterpiece LOM)

2016 Section B chestnut gelding. This pony should join his siblings as a performance animal.  He is big, has a great temperament and is flashy to boot.   Should ride or drive and mature top of the line medium. Priced $20,000.

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