Rollingwoods Be The Best

(Rollingwoods Easy As L LOM x Rollingwoods Unbelievable x *Sleight Of Hand LOM/AOE/OD)

2014 Section B Gelding. If you are looking for an animal that will win in any company,  trail ride, and babysit your child look no further. Best should mature large medium and he has all the movement, chrome and most important temperament to be welcome in any company. Priced $10,000 before further training.

Rollingwoods Bells and Whistles


(Gayfields Louisiana Man x Rollingwoods Elles Bells *Sleight Of Hand LOM/AOE/OD)

2016 Section B Gelding. This is a full sibling to Rollingwoods Bell of the Ball that won on the line at some of the best shows on the East Coast.  Pretty, flashy and a “10” mover, we would recommend this gelding to anyone.  Should mature medium.  Priced $5,000.

 Rollingwoods Bottoms Up

(Rollingwoods Easy as L LOM x Rollingwoods Stick Em Up x Cardiff Lotus)

2015 Section B Grey Gelding.  This pony should join some of his very successful siblings as a performance animal. Currently standing 13′ 1 1/4″ he should mature large with plenty of bone and substance. His siblings are brave and honest and this pony appears to share those traits. Priced $10,000.

Rollingwoods Do Wah Diddy

(Rollingwoods Cookie Thief LOM/AOE/OD x Rollingwoods Easy Does It x Rollingwoods Easy As L LOM)

2014 Half Welsh Gelding. This gelding is going to make a really nice performance animal. He is very friendly and people oriented. Should mature medium. Priced $3,500.

Rollingwoods L or I Water – SOLD

(Rollingwoods Cookie Thief LOM/AOE/OD x Gayfields Mona L LOM x *Pendock Masterpiece LOM)

2011 Section B Buckskin Gelding. Imagine our surprise when elderly Mona L decided to present us with one final foal. This foal joins a long line of champion ponies and currently stands 12′ 2″. He is hacking quietly, very brave and really “hunts” the fences.

 Rollingwoods Let’s Make a Deal


(Rollingwoods Cookie Thief LOM/AOE/OD x Ozark Let’s Rock LOM/AOE x Severn Sirocco LOM)

2016 Section B Palomino Gelding.  Driving people take notice.  This gelding is out of two multi-national driving champions.  Of course hunter would be an option also regardless, this pony is bred to perform. Should mature small. Priced $5,000.

Rollingwoods Let’s Pretend – SOLD

(Mapleside Mr. Magic x Ozarks Lets Rock LOM/AOE x Severn Sirocco LOM)

2014 Half Welsh Mare.  This is our first filly out of our wonderful driving mare, Ozarks Let’s Rock. We are pleased with this cross to Mapleside Mr. Magic and foresee great things in her future. Should mature medium.

Rolllingwoods Money Talks



(Rollingwoods Easy as L LOM x Ms Trailer Trash)

2014 Half Welsh Gelding. This gelding should join his siblings as a super performance animal. Big bodied, cute mover and quiet temperament combine to make this an exciting cross.  Call for price.

Rollingwoods Party Animal

(Rollingwoods Cookie Thief LOM/AOE/OD x Rollingwoods L of a Party x *Sleight Of Hand LOM/AOE/OD)

2015 Section B Gelding. This gelding should mature small and he should make a fabulous performance animal.  We have crossed an unsurpassed *Sleight of Hand daughter to our herd stallion, Rollingwoods Cookie Thief.  If you are looking for a good driving pony or hunter pony here is your answer.  Priced $3,500.

Rollingwoods Top Class


(Gayfields the Heir Apparent x Rollingwoods Unrivaled LOM x *Pendock Masterpiece LOM)

2016 Section B Chestnut Gelding. This pony should join his siblings as a performance animal.  He is big, has a great temperament and is flashy to boot.   Should ride or drive and mature large. Priced $5,000.

Rollingwoods Up All Night


( Rollingwoods Easy as L LOM x Rollingwoods Stick Em Up x Cardiff Lotus)

2012 Section B Gelding. “Ambien” is currently in training with Brittany Purnell at Windy Way Farms.  He is a top of the line large and so easy.  Get him now and win the Large Greens in 2018.  Call for price.

Rollingwoods Walk Softly


(Rollingwoods Easy As L LOM x Merrydale Mandolin x Courtash Karnival)

2014 Half Welsh Mare. This mare should be a big bodied large.  She has a beautiful presence and moves very freely in her shoulders.  Priced $5,000.

Rollingwoods Who’s On Top – SOLD

(Belafonte D’Avalon X Rollingwoods Unrivaled x *Pendock Masterpiece LOM)

2014 Half Welsh Mare. This is our first outcross with this stallion and we could not be more pleased. Should mature large and shows great potential.

SOLD Ponies