Rollingwoods Bellini

(Gayfields Louisiana man x Rollingwoods Elle’s Bells x *Sleight Of Hand LOM/AOE/OD)

2018 Section B mare .  This filly is big bodied and a big mover.  She should mature large.  Priced at $7,500.

Rollingwoods Bells and Whistles


(Gayfields Louisiana Man X Rollingwoods Elle’s Bells x *Sleight Of Hand LOM/AOE/OD)

2016 Section B gelding. This is a full sibling to Rollingwoods Bell Bottom Girl that won on the line at some of the best shows on the East Coast.  Pretty, flashy and a “10” mover, we would recommend this gelding to anyone.  Should mature medium.  Priced $7,500.

Rollingwoods Can’t Miss


(Nistar Blazing Kansas X Smoke Tree Mystique x Smoke Tree Spun Gold LOM)

2019 Smoky Black Colt – This is one special pony with personality, conformation AND movement. Should mature small – $5,000

Rollingwoods It’s Apparent

(Gayfields The Heir Apparent LOM X Rollingwoods Stick To It x *Sleight Of Hand LOM/AOE/OD)

2017 Section Bay Roan gelding. This is one flashy pony with four white feet and a blaze face.  Pretty mover and suitable for any discipline.  Currently standing 13’ 1” he should mature a top of the line medium.  Priced before further training – $20,000

Rollingwoods Hands Down

(Gayfields The Heir Apparent LOM X Rollingwoods Sticky Fingers LOM x *Sleight Of Hand LOM/AOE/OD)

2017 Section B gray gelding.  We tried for years to get this top performance mare to have a foal and we can well say that this colt was worth the wait. Lots of bone, great mover, and will mature top of the line small.  Priced $5,000.

Rollingwoods Let’s Make a Deal


(Rollingwoods Cookie Thief LOM/AOE/OD X Ozark Let’s Rock LOM/AOE x Severn Sirocco LOM)

2016 Section B palomino gelding.  Driving people take notice.  This gelding is out of two multi-national driving champions.  Of course hunter would be an option. Regardless, this pony is bred to perform. Should mature small. Priced $7,500

Rollingwoods Money Talks – Leased for 2020


(Rollingwoods Easy as L LOM/AOH X Mississippi Trailer Trash)

2014 Half Welsh Gelding. 14′ 3 1/2″  This pony is jumping 2’6″ courses with an auto lead change.  He can take a joke but is fancy enough to win in any company.   He will be available late November 2020.  Call for price.

Rollingwoods Not Today

(Gayfields The Heir Apparent LOM X Rollingwoods Top Notch x *Sleight Of Hand LOM/AOE/OD)

2017 Section B chestnut colt. This is a big pretty colt with impeccable bloodlines. His mother is a Sleight of Hand/ Pendock Masterpiece cross that has produced many of our most successful ponies. His father is a big bodied Section B stallion that turns heads whenever he is shown. This pony is bred to perform and should excel at any discipline.  Priced $5,000.

Rollingwoods Party Animal

(Rollingwoods Cookie Thief LOM/AOE/OD X Rollingwoods L of a Party x *Sleight Of Hand LOM/AOE/OD)

2015 Section B palomino gelding. This gelding should mature small and he should make a fabulous performance animal.  We have crossed an unsurpassed *Sleight of Hand daughter to our herd stallion, Rollingwoods Cookie Thief.  If you are looking for a good driving pony or hunter pony here is your answer.

Update:  Rollingwoods Party Animal is in training and doing great.  He has a unflappable attitude and seems to love his job.  Great mind and with some more miles will be hard to beat. Already cute as can be. Driving prospect as well but only being ridden right now.  Started over small fences.  Available Spring of 2020.

Rollingwoods Talking In Rhymes

(Smoke Tree Poetry In Motion X Mississippi Trailer Trash)

2017 Half Welsh palomino paint filly.  We have had some phenomenal foals from this mare but this one is too cute to pass by. This is a flashy palomino paint filly who should mature large. She has a flat kneed canter just like her siblings and is very free in the shoulder. Priced $10,000.

Rollingwoods Talk Is Cheap

(Nistar Blazing Kansas X Mississippi Trailer Trash)

2019 Half Welsh Bay Overo Filly – This pony is very fancy and should mature top of the line large.  Bred to perform and flashy enough to turn heads wherever you go this one is a show stopper.  Price $10,000

Rollingwoods This Kiss

(Rollingwoods Cookie Thief LOM/AOE/OD X Rollingwoods Top This, LOM x *Sleight of Hand LOM/AOE/OD)

2018 Section B filly.  We are very excited about this first filly out of Rollingwoods Top This.  “Topper” was a supreme champion halter mare and performance mare winning numerous championships in the open hunter world.  The sire, Rollingwoods Cookie Thief, was a supreme champion halter stallion and numerous HOTY awards in driving.  This combination shows great promise and should mature medium.   $7,500

Rollingwoods Top Brass


(Gayfields the Heir Apparent LOM X Rollingwoods Unrivaled LOM x *Pendock Masterpiece LOM)

2016 Section B chestnut gelding. This pony should join his siblings as a performance animal.  He is big, has a great temperament and is flashy to boot.   Should ride or drive and mature top of the line medium. Slated to debut this year with Mason Davis he will be available in October of 2020.

Rollingwoods Top It Off

(Smoke Tree Poetry In Motion X Rollingwoods Unrivaled LOM x *Pendock Masterpiece LOM)

2018 Section B Buckskin Filly – Rollingwoods Unrivaled has produced some of our nicest babies and this one is no exception.  Bred to perform in any discipline and could model as well. Price $5,000

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