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2000 Section B Welsh Stallion

Breeding Fee: $750

12’3 3/8″ hands.

A.I., frozen semen and live cover available

RollingwoodsCookie Thief
JG Cops and Robbers B-37675 Gayfields Call the Cops B-35088 Sleight Of Hand B-28530
Dixie Blue Duchess B-28074
Rambur Stolen Silver B-34811 Rambur Seven A-24824
Rambur Quicksilver B-30985
Rollingwoods Lorna Doone B-32319 Sleight Of Hand B-28530 MyIncroft Spun Gold (9348)
Coed Coch Olwen (47650)
Rollingwoods Chips Ahoy B030158 Farnley Spyglass B-14124
Heatherstone Chocolate Chip A-06310