“The Keepers” 

Rollingwoods California Cookie AOH

(Farmore Flamboyant AOH x Rollingwoods Lorna Doone LOM/AOE/OD x *Sleight of Hand LOM/AOE/OD)

2005 Half Welsh gelding – “Elvis” is the definition of a perfect pony. Regardless of what you throw at this pony he not only takes it in stride but excels at it. Originally purchased by Michael and Kristi Clark he decimated the Open horse show world doing English, Western, Trail, and even working cattle. The Clarks sold him back to Rollingwoods and Mason added the Hunter winning the WPCSA Short Stirrup National Champion in 2018. In 2019 Elvis continued his winning ways with WPCSA National Champion in English Pleasure, Western Pleasure, Half Welsh Hunter and even Mason winning High Point Rider 12 and Under. As children grow ponies must go to new children so Elvis has entered the Hunter world with Addison Lo McMillan and is as usual tearing it up. Champion or Reserve every time out in 2020 but that nasty Covoid ruined his pony hunter finals bid. Elvis is now moving on to another child and we are expecting big things from him. One thing I know he will be loved by whoever gets the privilege of riding him.

Rollingwoods Berry Last One & Rollingwoods Back in Black (aka “The Boys”)

(*Sleight of Hand, LOM/AOE/OD X Timbercreek Blackberry LOM x Lithgow Gay Grenadier)

1997 (Back in Black) & 1999 (Berry Last One) Section B geldings.  Berry is quite an instructor for our driving students. He has big beautiful movement, knows his job and helps our students safely see correct versus incorrect reining. Berry drives both singly and as a pair and has competed extensively in CDE’s and pleasure drives. He is strong, a big mover, very willing to work and most importantly, tons of fun. The Boys were driven by Rob McCartney with Joanna Wilburn as Navigator in the KY Gala Combined Driving Event (photo above) Placed: Champion Preliminary Division, Best Marathon Preliminary.

 Rollingwoods Easy Choice

(Rollingwoods Easy As L LOM/AOH X Practically Perfect)

2007 Half Welsh gelding.  Rollingwoods Easy Choice, aka Lex, is our superstar from our stallion, Rollingwoods Easy as L. Our trainer, Judy Fendley, who did such an outstanding job with his father, took this special pony on as a dressage prospect.  Lex is a phenomenal mover, incredibly athletic, and super flashy.  He had a successful career with Judy as a dressage horse but sadly an injury has sidelined him.  Don’t be concerned he is still with his beloved trainer, Judy, enjoying the good life.

Rollingwoods Hey Jack!

(Gayfields Say What! X Sierra)

2007 Half Welsh Gelding – Jack was trained and shown by Turner Davis to much success when he was younger. Gentle and kind Jack is now teaching Mason Davis the ropes. Mason is having great success this year over fences and on the flat and Jack was even Supreme Champion Gelding at the Texas Rose Breed Show. Rollingwoods is forever grateful to Jack for being Sally Ross’s Favorite Black Horse and showing up for work every day regardless of who is riding him. Jack will always have a home at Rollingwoods.

Rollingwoods Not Yours

(Farnley Triton x Rollingwoods Top Knotch )

2016 Section B Mare – This mare has been started by Anna Hutchinson and is turning heads wherever she goes. She was Supreme Champion at the Texas Rose Breed Show and is getting good ribbons in both Low Hunter and English Pleasure. We are so proud of the job that Anna has done with this mare and are retaining her for a future Broodmare.

Rollingwoods The Cat’s Meow

(Gayfields Louisiana Man X Rollingwoods Catfish Cookies  x Findeln Marlin)

2018 Section B filly.  Rollingwoods Catfish Cookies was repurchased by the farm in hopes of getting a nice foal to carry on the bloodlines of Rollingwoods Lorna Doone.  This filly has surpassed our biggest hopes and will be retained by the farm.  She is going to be a big flashy mare that should dominate in any discipline.

Rollingwoods On The Up and Up


Legit is Ruth’s new driving pony. Quiet and fancy this combination had a stellar year in 2019 ending up Reserve Champion in Pleasure Driving for 2019. Look for big things for them in 2020.

Rollingwoods Top It Off

(Smoke Tree Poetry in Motion X Rollingwoods Unrivaled LOM x *Pendock Masterpiece LOM)

2018 Section B mare.  This mare should follow her siblings straight to the winners circle.  She is flashy, a great mover and has that personality to make a child’s best friend.  We are retaining her for now as we are always pleased with our foals from this mare.

 The Broodmares

Rollingwoods All Mine

(*Sleight Of Hand LOM/AOE/OD X Alra Rose Blossom LOM/AOE x Cloe Olympian)

2007 Section B mare.  When the mare Rollingwoods All Mine was born everyone wanted to claim her hence the name All Mine. She did not disappoint winning Supreme Champion in Halter more times than you can count.  She also excelled in the driving ring winning National championships in both Pleasure Driving and Carriage Driving.  We are looking for great things as this mare enters the brood mare band.  Hopefully she will be as successful a producer as she was a performer.

Ozark Let’s Rock AOE/LOM

(Severn Sirocco LOM/AOE/OD X Alra Jasmine x Cloe Olympian)

1995 Section B Mare.  Sometimes you acquire a pony for one reason and wind up loving it for a host of other reasons.   Lettie was leased to us to complete the Sire LOM for her dad, Severn Sirocco.  After showing her we realized that this mare was special and purchased her immediately.  She has excelled in the driving arena but her biggest success has always been in pet pony obstacle.  Children will fight over who gets to lead her because she has excellent ground manners and will not step on the smallest child.

Rollingwoods Picturesque

(Sleight of Hand x Rollingwoods Mona L)

1989 Section B Mare – Que will always be special to Rollingwoods because she was our first truly famous pony in the hunter world. Que was the 1994 Small/Medium Horse of the Year with the USEF and this is a special honor. After many successful years as a hunter pony Que returned home to have babies. Unfortunately we only had one foal from her before she was tasked to educate our future rider, Turner Davis. After Turner outgrew her she went to Anna Kate Long in Texas and taught yet another child the ropes. Retired now Que is living the good life with Anna Kate in Texas.

Rollingwoods Unequaled LOM/AOH

(Rollingwoods Easy As L LOM/AOH X *Varndell Desiree x Downland Mandarin)

2000 Section B mare.  Rollingwoods Unequaled aka Linguini is a very special pony to our farm.  Originally campaigned by Tassie Munroe she won more ribbons than you could haul home.  Later leased and continuing her winning ways she taught many children to ride and love a welsh pony.  As Linguini has aged we have brought her home to continue her bloodlines.  Hopefully she will produce another champion that will follow in her footsteps.

Rollingwoods Unrivaled

(*Pendock Masterpiece LOM X *Varndell Desiree x Downland Mandarin)

1999 Section B Mare.  Rollingwood Unrivaled aka Ravioli has proven that pretty is as pretty does.  She has produced some of our nicest ponies like Rollingwoods Top This, Rollingwoods Over the Top and the newest superstar, Rollingwoods Top Drawer.  We have never met a Ravioli foal that wasn’t cute, a great mover and best of all a great attitude.  We hope she continues to produce quality so look to the sales page for your next division pony.

Rollingwoods Unbelievable

(*Sleight of Hand, LOM/AOE/OD X *Varndell Desiree x Downland Mandarin)

2002 Section B mare.  Rollingwoods Unbelievable aka Bistro had a very successful career as a hunter pony when an injury sidelined her.  Her owner kindly leased her to the farm and we are very pleased with the results.  Bistro has had several nice foals for us including the superstar Rollingwoods Be the Best.  We look forward to many more beautiful foals from this mare.

Rollingwoods Stick To It LOM

(*Sleight Of Hand LOM/AOE/OD X Rollingwoods Stuck On You LOM x *Pendock Masterpiece LOM)

1996 Section B mare.  Rollingwoods Stick to It aka Stitt enjoyed a great hunter career under the tutelage of Michelle Casperson.  This mare is a solid 13′ 2″ with a huge step and a body to take up lots of leg.   We are excited about her first foal due in 2019 by Gayfields Louisiana Man.

Rollingwoods Catfish Cookies

(Findeln Marlin X Rollingwoods Lorna Doone LOM/AOE/OD x *Sleight Of Hand LOM/AOE/OD)


1997 Section B mare.  Rollingwoods Catfish Cookies is out of our beloved mare, Rollingwoods Lorna Doone.  We sold Catfish young but later acquired her back in the twilight of her life to have some babies.  Her last year’s baby is the keeper Rollingwoods The Cat’s Meow.  We hope to get several more babies from this mare before she retires with us.

Rollingwoods Top This LOM

(*Sleight Of Hand LOM/AOE/OD X Rollingwoods Unrivaled LOM x *Pendock Masterpiece LOM)

2004 Section B mare.  Rollingwoods Top This had a very successful hunter career under the tutelage of Emma Lemke.  She came home to the farm and had a very nice 2018 foal which we are retaining.   Her retirement was short lived as she  had to come out of the broodmare herd to take care of our future rider, Mason Davis.  We are really excited about this combination and look for great things during the 2019 show year from this pair.

Rollingwoods Likely Story

(Crossgates Larasan X Rollingwoods Unlimited x Rollingwoods Easy As L LOM/AOH)

2012 Section B mare.  Rollingwoods Likely Story aka Fibber has been shown this past year by Natalie Hanisco.  Fibber has gotten good ribbons and will be expecting her first foal in 2020.

Rollingwoods Top Notch


(*Sleight Of Hand LOM/AOE/OD X Rollingwoods UnRivaled LOM x *Pendock Masterpiece LOM)

2008 Section B mare.  Rollingwoods Top Notch aka Taylor is a very pretty mare by the incomparable Sleight of Hand.  Taylor sustained an injury when she was young so she has never competed but she has produced some really nice foals for us.  We are excited to have this mare’s future progeny in our herd.