The Happy Dance of a kid who loves ponies!

Spanky’s debut as a riding pony!

Offspring of Rollingwoods Easy As L, bottom 3 all from Rollingwoods Easy As L and Rollingwoods Stick Em Up.

The show team and friends, lots of ribbons and lots of fun!

When we have children visit, it always gets cute!

Handy and Abby

When you put children together with ponies, you get lots and lots of fun!  From bathing ponies at the show, playing with the ponies in the field, trail riding around the farm,  Halloween dress up!  Children and ponies go together!

Foster and Mia

Mason Davis and Ser Mio Rose Delight with Mary Frances Mangum and Blue Heron Stephen Foster.

Alex and Elvis

Alex Clark and Rollingwoods California Cookie. One was looking correctly at the Judge while one was hamming it up for the camera.

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No longer the newest member of the Rollingwoods Show Team, Mason, and his buddy, James Luttrell, the farms beloved long time farrier. (This is an old photo, as anyone who knows Mason, can attest.  But its still one of our favorites!)